The New Forests Company is an agent of change, continually questioning the status quo and striking a balance between maintaining best operating practises whilst retaining its entrepreneurial flair that has made it the success it is today.

NFC is an equal opportunities employer and places a huge amount of emphasis on developing its people, with a particular focus on nurturing talent within East Africa and growing the regional skills level. Employees are encouraged to travel, study and continually improve their skill levels and experience, with the ultimate goal being for employees to leave a lasting legacy on the Company as well as a legacy on the African continent.

The Company is therefore young, dynamic and exciting to work for – just ask our employees:


Meredith Bates
Chief Impact Officer

Meredith worked with NFC 2008-2010 before her MBA and happily returned in 2015 because of the company’s inspiring vision and passion for scalable impact. She loves her job, attributing this to the fact that every day she gets to make a difference by shaping NFC during our rapid growth and by redefining the role of companies as drivers of African development.


Simba Dube
CEO Rwanda

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Simba joined NFC from his position of CFO of Border Timbers, Zimbabwe in 2014. He quickly established himself running the Tanzanian business before the opportunity to take control of the Rwandan subsidiary presented itself in 2015. Simba has made a big impact on the organisation in a short space of time and the Rwandan business continues to go from strength to strength which he attributes to the ability of NFC to make and act on decisions quickly – something which any entrepreneurial company needs to do.


Anton Greeff
Head of Forestry

Having been with SAPPI, one of the largest forestry companies in the world, for 19 years Anton joined the NFC family in 2009. At that stage he had done very little travelling to other African countries. Since then Anton has travelled to multiple countries to study best practice and has overseen a huge growth in the NFC planted land bank, obtained FSC certification for the majority of NFC plantations and ensured the development of forestry skills in Africa. He is thus passionate about his job, loves travelling into Africa and having the ability to empower others to change their lives.


Alex Kyabawampi
Uganda head of CSR

Alex is a rural development specialist having joined the NFC family 2010 and is proud of to be a part of the company because of its values and commitment to making a difference in the lives of ordinary women, children and men living in the communities neighbouring the company’s plantations, trusting them as partners in a manner that is both respectful and empowering in addressing challenges of poverty and marginalisation while building a sustainable forestry business in Uganda.


Eve Namukasa
Plantation Manager

Eve is a Masters of Business Administration student and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry. She has been working with NFC as a forester for the last 6 years which has given her exposure to all forestry operations, from nursery to harvesting. Having managed a central tree nursery with a production capacity of 2M planting material, she played a big role in ensuring FSC certification at Luwunga. Eve is proud to be the first female plantation manager in a company that is committed to equipping young people with skills and values of sustainable and socially responsible forestry.