Statement from The New Forests Company regarding the Oxfam report

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The New Forests Company takes OxfamÔÇÖs allegations extremely seriously and will conduct an immediate and thorough investigation of them. Our understanding of these resettlements is that they were legal, voluntary and peaceful and our first hand observations of them confirmed this.

This has been corroborated on a number of occasions by meticulous audits of the company by highly respected international organisations including the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the IFC (International Finance Corporation, part of World Bank). The FSC concluded that ÔÇ£Officials consider Namwasa one of their most peaceful and successful experiences in encouraging illegal encroachers to voluntarily leave Central Forestry Reserves and would like to use the model for controversial areas in the future.”

NFC is puzzled by the extent to which OxfamÔÇÖs anecdotal evidence is so at odds with these findings.

NFC also regrets OxfamÔÇÖs decision to publish this highly prejudicial report without having given NFC the opportunity to investigate its claims.

In attacking the NFC Oxfam have chosen a company with an impeccable track record in community investment and development who in their short life have not only created over 2,000 jobs in remote rural Ugandan communities but been responsible for increasing access to health, education, clean water and fuel. Africa needs responsible inward investment.